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As a freelancer, designer, gift shop, or side-gig business owner, you need high-quality prints for customization and fast delivery, all at a great cost. CooCooBay Ltd provides high-quality print out of garment DTF films and UV DTF film transfers.

Garment DTF Transfers
DTF printing involves printing a design onto a piece of PET film (a special film with a coating that helps transfer designs) using water-based inks and a special powder adhesive. Then, the design on the PET film is heat transferred to the fabric using a heat press machine or an iron. This printing method is durable and the designs come out very detailed and vibrant.DTF transfer can be used on almost all kinds of fabrics. Check out videos below.
FREE delivery for five or more  A3 garment transfers 

UV DTF Transfers

UV DTF is an increasingly popular print method due to its capability of being used on a multitude of substrates and the ease of application. UV DTF involves printing an image directly onto a thin piece of adhesive film, rather than directly onto objects.

This eliminates the risk associated with the potential discoloration of items when exposed to direct UV ink. Moreover, it allows for faster production turnaround times as adhering the film only requires some basic equipment compared to the more intensive process associated with printing uv ink directly onto object. Lastly, due to its multiple applications and convenient setup, UV DTF is a great option for anyone looking for quick and consistent prints without sacrificing quality.
FREE delivery of A3 size or more UV DTF transfers

How It Works

  1. Make an order by submitting a design or requesting a design
  2. Indicatethe type of transfer you need – garment DTF tranfer or UV DTF transfers.
  3. Make payment for your order after the print size(s) is finalized.
  4. CooCooBay prints design onto transfers and delivers them to your home or office
  5. Transfer print onto garment(s) or item as displayed in the videos below.

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