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Print on Anything – UV Print



Please note
The price stated is for ONLY printing and installation (where applicable). You would have to provide the item to be printed or CooCooBay can assist in the purchase of the item separately.

Please select UV DTF transfer print for the following use cases:
- Curved and cylindrical objects or surface that require printing along curved area
- Large objects: dimension greater than
- Height of 5 inches - width of 9.8 inches - length 15 inches
- You require printing at your premises (office or shop)

Please enter size of print in inches (in)

(please enter dimension of the print area , this is not the dimension of the item/object)
Watch how to determine size
Please note that pricing is based on quantity, e.g. print on 1000 notebooks for 3inches x 3 inches print area would cost Ghs9.60, print on 50 notebooks would cost 10.6 per notebook, print on 1 notebook would cost Ghs13.
Sorry, we are unable to print this size



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