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Print Technology:
UV printing



20% off orders above 50 pcs
Looking for that cost effective, versatile, popular, durable, fantastic and effective

promotional tool for your events and businesses? Customized Umbrella is the solution.

We customize all aspects of an umbrella, from handle types, all-over canopy printing, to printed sleeves and various shaft types.

Customized umbrellas do not only provide shelter and shade, but serve as a powerful and

versatile marketing tool. Can be used at outdoor markets, sports events, beachfronts,

or even in restaurants and cafes. This versatility allows businesses to target different audiences

and demographics, making it easier to reach a larger audience.

Customized umbrellas can also be used as a giveway at special events like wedding, funerals, anniversaries etc.


Order your customized umbrellas from Coocoobay. and get your delivery at your doorstep

anywhere in Ghana. Just upload your custom details and make your order and if you need

help to refine you design, you can always reach out to our design experts.

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